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What is graphology and what are the benefits of a handwriting test?

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Milo G. 

Milo G. 

I always felt creative, but a handwriting analysis helped me understand what kind of creativity I have and how to make the most of it.

Mario B.

A handwriting analysis announced certain characteristics of mine, which I did not imagine or accept. I was able to understand many of my behaviors and look for the proper techniques to control myself. Now I enjoy what I do and use time in a much better way.

Anna E. 

Through graphology, I was able to find out what my grandfather was like—how he thought and felt. I did not know him, and there are no relatives left to ask them. It was wonderful to connect with my past!

Laura P. 

Irene T.

I had problems with putting together a good team. I felt that I was a good leader, but that I did not find the right people. By knowing certain new aspects of my personality, I modified some attitudes that helped me achieve my goal.

The analysis of my daughter's boyfriend’s handwriting helped us understand why from being happy and confidant, she became withdrawn and full of doubts. From his handwriting, we knew he had a personality that was prone to disqualifying and diminishing the people close to him. My daughter had to start psychological treatment and soon she started recovering, going back to her previous self.

About us

We are a group of graphologists directed by Marta Bellio, a Public Graphologist and Graduate in Journalism. Her interest in psychology and human behavior has led her to carry out an infinite number of handwriting studies over the past 20 years. 

In addition to teaching various courses and graphology seminars, Marta competes in swimming tournaments, is a grandmother, and loves dogs.

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