A complete report is prepared using the handwriting technique, which includes:

  • Intellectual Characteristics: mental agility, capacity for analysis and synthesis, clarity of ideas, intuition, logic, creativity, etc.


  • Aptitudes: performance, quality, perseverance, concentration, diligence, detail orientation, capacity of organization, decision-making ability, punctuality, responsibility, etc.


  • Attitudes: initiative, internal energy, resolution and practicality, use of time, optimism and trust, acceptance of authority, leadership skills, etc.


  • Aspects of the Personality: whether the subject is introverted or extroverted, if they get carried away by feelings or are rather cerebral, if they have willpower and confidence in their own possibilities when it comes to achieving what they propose themselves, how they manage their anger and frustration, if they are egotistical and selfish or humble and generous, etc.


  • Relationships: how sociable the individual is; how much they are conditioned by the opinion of third parties when it comes to giving their opinion or making decisions; if they are diplomatic and sincere; if they know how to keep a secret; their ability to adapt to changes in environment and situation; if they act spontaneously or with hesitation; if they are cautious in handling money; if they are balanced, logical, and fair, etc.


  • Indicating traits of dishonesty are also detected in the handwriting: lying, stealing, scamming, breach of promises, etc., and the reasons behind these actions. That is, how ethical and reliable the subject's behaviors are.